We Service Boilers

  • A faulty gas boiler can be dangerous. If you have your boiler serviced every 12 months, you know it’s been checked regularly by a professional so your mind is at ease. When we service your boiler, it is checked for leaks and any corrosion that might cause a gas leak in the coming months. The flue and ventilation is also closely inspected to make sure fumes do not accumulate in your property. You are in safe hands with ACF.
  • Save energy and lower your bills by making sure your boiler is energy efficient. Over the long term, with normal use ash can build up on the inside segments of your boiler. During an annual service, this residue is removed so that your boiler can work proficiently and uses less fuel to heat the home.
  • A boiler service includes checks for signs of wear and tear. Although you might not have a problem at the moment, you get time to plan if you get an early warning that a boiler breakdown is imminent. You can have repairs carried out at a more convenient time later, and you can budget for the cost.
  • Most boiler warranties require an annual service to keep them valid.  Don’t lose out if you need to claim on the warranty. Make sure you have a service completed every 12 months without fail.

Boiler Servicing – What’s Included?

A thorough inspection of the whole boiler will make sure that it is completely safe to use. An experienced engineer will also be able to advise on any potential faults that might arise in the near future.

Book Your Boiler Service With Us

We have an expert team here at ACF Plumbing & Heating so there is always someone on hand to help answer any question you may have. They can also help you with any queries involving our boiler services.

  • Remove the cover to your boiler to expose the interior
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Check for fumes such as carbon monoxide
  • Look for corrosion
  • Change or clean filters
  • Remove residue build up
  • Inspect the flue for blockages or irregularities
  • Measure the gas pressure and flow
  • Inspect seals
  • Check that safety devices are functioning